Flood Damage, Salisbury, NC

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If you’ve experienced flood damage, you want our experts taking care of you!

The ability to have water inside your home when you want it is a modern miracle that many of us enjoy daily. When you experience a flood, however, having water inside your home is the last thing you want. If you have recently suffered flood damage to your Salisbury, North Carolina home or other property, getting the damaged materials properly cleared and then restored by professionals is crucial to the future integrity of the structure. Without expert help, you can have issues with wood rot, mold, a damaged foundation, and loads of other issues that accompany flood damage. At Restoration Plus Services, Inc., we have everything you need in order to take care of the flood damage affecting your Salisbury property.

Flood Damage in Salisbury, North Carolina

Because our team at Restoration Plus Services, Inc. has been working with victims of flood damage for over 35 years now, you can count on us to get to work quickly when it comes to the restoration process. We will jump in and start to control the flow of water, rid the area of items that can’t be saved and will start to mold, and clear out the space for remodeling. We understand not just what needs to be done to your property in terms of flood damage, but also how to work with your insurance company when applicable. If you have questions about flood damage, the restoration process, or anything else that we do here at Restoration Plus Services, Inc., please let us know what we can do to answer your questions.