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Once the storm has cleared, we want to help clear up the storm damage.

After the rains have gone and the sky has cleared, finding out what storm damage is left behind can be more traumatic than the storm itself! If your property has suffered storm damage that is beyond your ability to repair, we want to help you here at Restoration Plus Services, Inc. with our storm damage restoration services.

Storm Damage in Salisbury, North Carolina

Whether you have experienced storm damage due to heavy winds, rain or a full-force hurricane, our team here at Restoration Plus Services, Inc. is here to help you make things right again. We can help you put your property back together in both temporary and more permanent solutions. For example, if a tree has fallen on your roof, we will work hard to close up and tarp the area until materials and skilled craftsman can work on more permanent repair solutions.

If we can’t repair the damage that is done to your Salisbury, North Carolina property right away, then we will work with you through the restoration process of the damaged area. That can be anything from ordering new windows to replacing your roof, but don’t worry– we have a wide variety of skilled tradesmen available in each area of expertise. This ensures that you are always going to get a skilled and experienced person working on your property that has sustained storm damage.

We would love to know how we can help you out after a storm, so please contact us as soon as you can at Restoration Plus Services, Inc. and let us know about your storm damage!



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