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As your general contractor, we handle everything about your disaster restoration, including structural repairs and upgrades. We offer new construction and remodeling services.

Disaster restoration is a two-step process, with the first step being demolition and cleanup and the second rebuilding. If you thought you needed to involve two separate companies to handle this process, a restoration expert and a general contractor, you’ll be pleased to learn that here at Restoration Plus Services, Inc., we handle both to save you time, effort, and money. We are a one-call source to our customers and their insurance companies as a North Carolina general contractor with more than 35 years of experience in disaster restoration.

General Contractor in Salisbury, North Carolina

An advantage of working with Restoration Plus Services, Inc. is that we streamline the restoration of your home or business to pre-loss condition while also working on improvements and upgrades you might have in mind.

Working with a general contractor is also a smart idea if there is the potential for structural damage in your Salisbury, North Carolina home or business. A company that doesn’t have our expertise handling new construction, additions, and remodeling could miss a structural problem or not know how to resolve it properly. You can be confident that when we give you the green light to go back home (or to your business) again, structural issues have been addressed correctly.

Contact us today with any questions you might have about what a general contractor can do to make your home or business everything you envision.